Introduction and Specifications: Gemeni Gold Table


Thank you for the opportunity to provide information about MD mineral technologies renowned and unique Gemeni Gold Tables. We appreciate your interest in our equipment and services, and would be pleased to answer any questions.

There are three basic models of the Gemeni Table; specifications and operating data can be found on this web site and/or printed materials requested. The Gemeni Tables are specialized, low capacity "finishing" devices for applications where pre-concentrated material is supplied as feed to the tables. The Gemeni Tables are capable of producing a very clean gold concentrate from gold-bearing black-sand concentrates when fed minus 20-mesh material. In many cases the Gemeni concentrate is suitable for direct smelting. Other high value, high specific gravity minerals/materials can also often be seperated from pre-concentrated materials.

Recovery efficiencies are excellent down to approximately 325 mesh size, which is about the finest particle size that can be observed with the human eye. Since control of the mineral separations is by visual means, recovery is generally limited to particles that can be seen. It must also be recognized that the size and quantity of free gold present in the Gemeni table feed depends upon the efficiency of the recovery and concentrating devices that are used ahead of the Gemeni table circuit.

Feed rates and processing capacities depend upon characteristics of the feed material such as mineral composition, size distribution and shape factors. However, as a guide the Gemeni model GT60 Mk2 is designed to process up to 60 lb. (27 Kg) per hour, the model GT250 Mk2 will process up to 250 lb. (114 Kg) per hour and the largest table, the GT1000 Mk2 will process up to 1,000 lb. (455 Kg) per hour.

We recommend the water supply to the table be provided from a clean independent (steady-head) source, which will assure a constant feed pressure to the water manifold. The water volume is the most important control variable when operating the Gemeni Tables. It is also important to have the tables securely fastened to the floor, as all the drive motion must be transferred to the table deck to achieve satisfactory performance.

If different drive motor specifications are required we will be pleased to consider your requirements and adjust quotations accordingly. Tables and feed systems can be customized to fit specific applications.

We hope that this information is sufficient to introduce you to the Gemeni Table and look forward to being of assistance. Please don't hesitate to contact our office if you require additional information.

Thank you and regards,

Larry F. Mashburn
Agent, MD Mineral Technologies






Feed rate - nominal

60 pounds/hour
27 Kg/hour

250 pounds/hour
114 Kg/hour

1000 pounds/hour
455 Kg/hour

Feed rate - maximum

100 pounds/hr
45 Kg/hr

300 pounds/hr
136 Kg/hr

1200 pounds/hr
545 Kg/hr

Feed size - recommended

Minus 20 mesh
<833 microns

Minus 20 mesh
<833 microns

Minus 20 mesh
<833 microns

Feed size - maximum

Minus 14 mesh
<1168 microns

Minus 14 mesh
<1168 microns

Minus 14 mesh
<1168 microns

Water usage - maximum

0.7 M3/Hour

1.4 M3/Hour

2.3 M3/Hour


1 HP

1 HP

1 HP

Shipping dimensions (WxLxH)

60" x 43" x 43"

56" x 87" x 50"

108" x 72" x 54"

Shipping weight(approximate)

528 pounds – (240 Kg)

680 pounds – (308 Kg)

1090 pounds – (495 Kg)

Dimensions (W x L x H)

2'9" x 4'3" x 2'8"
838 x 1295 x 813mm

4'4" x 6'8" x 3'6"
1321 x 2007 x 1041mm

5'7" x 8'9" x 3'4"
1753 x 2692 x 1118mm

Feed height

3'8" (1118 mm)

4'2" (1270 mm)

4'5" (1346 mm)




MD Mineral Technologies
GEMENI is the trademark of MD-Mineral Technologies
U.S. Patent Number 4,758,334; Canadian Patent Pending Number 491,531; Australian Patent Number 572,701

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